Dear Sports Friend!

Here, you will find information about our products, the warmerpads and the urinary sheaths. If there were any questions left, please contact us.

Our NEW warming pads

Original Mycoal Handwarmer

Small, convenient, efficient and very flexible in the application are the original Mycoal hand warmers. In a hand warmer Heatpack packaging are two charcoal heat cushion of about 5cm * 9cm size. Remove simply the package shake a little and feel up to 8 hours of warmth. The Heatpack hand warmer you can keep right in his hands in his pants or jacket pocket, or even put in the glove. Average heat: 57 C, max. 69 C

Original Mycoal Bodywarmer

A highlight of the Heatpack is our self-adhesive body warmer. Wherever quickly activated and long-lasting heat is needed - the original self-adhesive body warmer Mycoal will meet all requirements. The packaging is removed from the bag and placed the body warmer body to the desired location on the bottom layer of clothing. Then he will submit for the next 12 hours warmth for you. Average heat: 57 C, max. 69 C

Urinary Sheaths

The urinary sheaths out of silicone, self adhesive and very elastic, hard wearing and because of the glue very good adhesive.

The sheaths are in size M (29mm ∅).

Another advantage is the solid connection to the PVC tube direct or with the universal adapter.

User Guide:

stick over penisUri external to stick over the penis during holding tied. Keep the penis strong under tension.

roll up the uriRoll the Uri up until the part with the sticky glue is arrived.


The urinary sheath is a "One time preparation" and should not be used more that 24 hours at one time.